Our Mission

The Rainbow Heritage Network (RHN) is a national organization for the recognition and preservation of sites, history, and heritage associated with sexual and gender minorities in the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ). RHN aims to:

    • Facilitate networking among sexual and gender minority preservationists, preservation organizations, community-based projects, and allies;
    • Advocate for sites, archives, and preservation initiatives associated with sexual and gender minorities and local, state, and federal funding of these sites and heritage;
    • Represent sexual and gender minority communities in preservation circles;
    • Facilitate connections between appropriate repositories and contemporary donors (individuals or organizations) of historical material to ensure continuity of our historical record into the future; and
    • Provide resources for sexual and gender minority communities and organizations that are concerned about or interested in learning about preservation of their sites and heritage.

RHN is open to anyone who is interested in the preservation, history, and heritage of sexual and gender minorities.

Connect Online

Our Board

  • Jen LaBarbara
  • Jen Jack Gieseking, Trinity College (CT) (Secretary)
  • Donna Graves
  • Jeffrey “Free” Harris (Chair)
  • Larry Knopp, University of Washington
  • Eli Pousson, Baltimore Heritage (Treasurer)
  • Deborah Richards
  • Lani Teves, University of Oregon


Founding board member Mark Meinke and Robert Pohl. Photo courtesy National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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