Saving the House of the Furies

Thank you to the National Trust for Historic Preservation for this great feature on an exciting effort by of Mark Meinke and others to nominate the House of the Furies as a local landmark in Washington, D.C.


Left: 2007 photo of 219 11th St. Right: Detail of elevation sketch by architect Nicholas T. Haller, April 1913. This sketch was filed with the building permit by the builder William Murphy.

When Robert Pohl and his wife moved into their home in the Washington, DC neighborhood of Capitol Hill in 2004, Pohl conducted a Google search to find out if there was anything special about the house. He immediately came across a page from a local LGBT organization called the Rainbow History Project that named his “new” house as the operational center and main residence for a small lesbian feminist collective in the early 1970s called The Furies. […]

Now, Pohl’s research is playing a role in a nomination to make the house at 219 11th Street Southeast a historic landmark, with the help of Rainbow Heritage Network co-founder Mark Meinke.

“I have known about and researched the Furies for some time,” says Meinke, who also founded the Rainbow History Project, and is friends with some of the former Furies. “I was looking for an LGBTQ site to nominate, and thought I would do the Furies collective house.”

Of the twelve founding Furies, eleven are living. Meinke contacted all of them, whom he says were “very forthcoming with their memories and very helpful.”

Be sure to check out the full story by writer Jenna Sauber on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s new website.


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